Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monsters, Inc's New Tactics

The good news is that we are slowly starting to wake up to the real threat of radical islam. The Glenn Beck special and, of course, the fantastic "Obsession" are two good examples of this. We have a long, long way to go, though.

Here is a chilling column that shows us more of the face of this godless monster that we face. I have an eleven year old girl... and so this definitely hit me.

[[ It was only a matter of time. Depraved Palestinians first sent young adult men wearing explosives to blow themselves up on Israeli buses and in pizza parlors. Then came the phenomenon of young women doing the same. Now a grandmother has chosen this fiendish way of death.

Fatma Omar An-Najar was a mother of nine and grandmother of more than 30. Her suicide in the Gaza Strip lightly injured three Israeli soldiers, so she failed to take "infidels" with her. But that is of little comfort. The use of a grandmother means more horror is coming.

With teenagers as young as 16 already blowing themselves up, children are next in line to become "martyrs."

I didn't excerpt the interview with the two little girls... please go and read the whole thing... and, for God's sake, please share this stuff with everyone you can.

Paradise Lost



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