Friday, July 20, 2007


Ah, you have to love it when the nanny-state gets a cold slap of reality.

Turns out that kids don't want to be told what to do by busybody liberals... just like most adults.

Study: Anti-Smoking Ads Have Opposite Effect On Teens

Wait, do you mean that teenagers are... rebellious??

I never woulda thunk it...



Anonymous Dr X said...

Both liberals and conseratives have been guilty of incorrectly assuming that they could merely preach children into behaving in some desired way.

This has been my worry with campaigns to discourage drug use and casual sex. It's not that I think there is absolutely no place for social support for healthy behavior, but we shouldn't assume that what the teacher intends is equivalent to the lesson that will be learned by the student.

Research that exposes the mistaken nature of such an assumption is important. If government is to have any role in such programs (a debatable proposition), the effectiveness of these programs must be tested before wasting millions of dollars on efforts that are ineffective or, worse, counterproductive.

23/7/07 07:33  
Blogger kmg said...

I agree that "preaching" to kids often backfires. However, with the pervasive messages of promiscuity and drug and alcohol use that continue to flow from hollywood, what is a society to do?

I suggest returning the power of parenting to the parents. Getting hollywood and the government out of the child-raising business would solve much of this. This means, though, that we parents must pick up the gauntlet and actually raise our children.

Daunting, I admit...

26/7/07 07:38  
Anonymous Dr X said...

"Getting hollywood and the government out of the child-raising business would solve much of this."

Getting government out of child raising would reduce the nanny state, but Hollyood isn't the state and it isn't in the business of being a nanny. Currently, the nanny state has not extended its reach to regulating Hollywood's product. That is something that is determined by you, me and the rest of America when we pay for tickets at the box office

Much of the information that flows in the public domain is disturbing but, short of the using the nanny state to determine what we can and cannot hear and see, we are left to our own devices to contend with the product put out by Hollywood.

Parents can also regulate the movies seen by their children and, if they are serious, regulate television watching. I'd rather leave that to parents than the US nanny state.

26/7/07 07:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hollywood is definitely in the child rearing business and you're right that its because of parents letting them. KMG is right that parents need to take charge of their own kids again.

26/7/07 12:54  

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