Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sorry, Ayman...

- virgins for you.

[[ Palestinian Bomber Kills Only Himself Near Israeli Bus Station.

The bomber asked a bus driver for directions in a dirt parking lot 100 yards from the Beersheba bus station. The driver, suspicious, directed him to another bus and called security guards, who chased the man and asked him for documents. The man then detonated his explosives, but he was not in a crowded area
. ]] (LINK to heartwarming story)

I guess they're ready for the next round of Israeli "humiliations"...



Blogger husker_met said...

I've always wondered about the 72 virgins thing...

On day 73 in paradise, does Allah replenish your stock? Or do you have to make them last for eternity?

Also, I don't know about anyone else here, but I think I'd rather have 72 women who really knew what they were doing.

Uh, you know. There is a bit of a learning curve for that sort of thing.

28/8/05 21:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't try to speak for the holy warriors but there must be some strong attraction for them.

You know, it never really says whether they are boy virgins or girl virgins. I can tell you that most of those guys go both ways.

28/8/05 21:21  
Blogger kmg said...

You must be talking about the "jingle boys" thing... very, very disturbing.

28/8/05 21:50  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

Dang, Husker!

LOL (:P)

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

28/8/05 22:16  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

On this topic, here is a lengthy quote from “The Sword of the Prophet” by Serge Trifkovic, who in turn is quoting at length from a widely-used Muslim commentary:

[My apologies to the ladies for the... er… “earthiness” of this post---T.L.]

“These maidens are created not of clay, as in the case of mortal women, but of pure musk, and free from all natural impurities and defects. Their breasts are kawa’eb---swelling and firm, not sagging. To enjoy them in full, Allah will give each Muslim 72 houris and the manliness of a hundred mortals in this heaven of perpetual youth and copulation, ‘all that they desire.’ … The men in Paradise have sexual relations not only with the women [who come from this world] and with the ‘black-eyed,’ but also with the serving boys. … In Paradise, a believer’s penis is eternally erect.’”

According to Trifkovic, though, there is some dispute on the latter point:

“Some of the ulema, the religious scholars at al-Azhar University, the government’s seat of Islamic learning, had disagreed. Yes, they said, men in paradise would have erections, but merely protracted, not perpetual.”

So I guess in the Muslim Paradise the fruit of the Tree of Life has a chemical constitution similar to Viagra.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

29/8/05 08:06  
Blogger Barbara said...

I pity those mis-guided terrorists, when they wake up in hell, and wonder where the virgins are!

29/8/05 08:12  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

Barbara, indeed.

If anyone ever doubts that Islam is a Satanic counterpoint to the Truth, all you have to do is look at their visions of Paradise: totally unrestrained indulgence in
physical passions.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

29/8/05 09:22  
Blogger husker_met said...


It is my fondest desire that, when Abdul wakes up in hell, he'll find out that the rules have changed a bit.

Instead of "72 virgins" he'll get "72-year old virgins".

All telling Abdul to take out the garbage and rub their bunions.

For eternity.

Heh, heh.

29/8/05 10:05  
Anonymous Leland said...


I hope they enter eternity and find 72 "martyrs" all yelling, "Fresh meat boys, time to inititate another one to paradise!"

29/8/05 13:58  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...


Yes, but they won't be saying, "Squeal like a pig for me, boy," like the old movie. Pigs are considered unclean to Muslims...

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

30/8/05 11:04  

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