Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You Could Always Leave, If You Want

Sometimes, they slip... sometimes, what they really think comes out. That's the main problem with the liberals and the DFL- when people see what they are REALLY like... what they REALLY think... the support starts to dry up quicker than a martini at ted kennedy's table.

Consider this mental giant... who happens to be the governor of Illinois.

[[ Maybe the hairspray is seeping into his brain. Or perhaps he’s taking pills to boost his testicular virility.

Regardless of the reason, a few weeks ago Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich said something quite strange. Strange even for a Democrat.

It happened when he explained why he was spending up to $10 million taxpayer dollars on stem-cell research without state legislative approval. This was necessary, he claimed, because the General Assembly wouldn’t take action on the issue.

Of course, a possible reason the legislature did not was because the governor failed to propose stem-cell funding in his budget. Nor did he broach the subject in his state of the state address, when the governor outlines his initiatives. He found time in that speech, though, to mention he would officially declare September "Illinois Wine Month." So we know he can prioritize.

But Rod decided he was morally obligated to do something about stem-cell research because the assembly simply wouldn’t. So he’s spending unauthorized funds.

In boasting of his deed, he said, "While we are forced to live in a democracy with several branches of government, sometimes in a democracy the process is frustratingly slow."
]] LINK to liberal insanity

Much more frustrating than a good, old-fashioned politburo, eh, comrade?


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