Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bias, Bias Everywhere...

...and not a reporter to think.

Where to begin with this one? Here is an AP article that starts out trying to be informative- ostensibly about what it's headline says:

[[ U.S. Marine Jets Bomb 2 Bridges in Iraq ]]

It begins with those facts:

[[ U.S. Marine jets Tuesday attacked two bridges across the Euphrates River near the Syrian border to prevent insurgents from moving foreign fighters and munitions toward Baghdad and other cities, the U.S. command said.

A Marine statement also said U.S. and Iraqi forces destroyed a "foreign fighter safe house," killed two foreigners and arrested three others during a Tuesday raid in the same area as the bridge attack.

Pretty good so far, right? Okay... now we go into the standard "body count". No, silly, not the enemy body count.

[[ At least 1,892 members of the U.S. military have died since the war began in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. ]]

Please keep in mind that NO AMERICANS died in the operation that this article purports to be about.

Next, we must be reminded that kofi annan thinks we are evil by being in Iraq:

[[ The fighting occurred after U.N. chief Kofi Annan said Iraq had become an even greater terrorist center than Afghanistan under the Taliban. ]]

Then, a little more about the operation in the headline... and we suddenly are treated to more kofi wisdom!

[[ Annan told the British Broadcasting Corp. on Monday that many young Muslims are angry, and the situation has been exacerbated by what is happening in Iraq.

"They feel victimized in their own society; they feel victimized in the West. And they feel there's profiling against them," he said. "And the Iraqi situation has not helped matters."

Okay... then back to discussing military operations in the area for a few paragraphs. Can you guess what comes next? Bet you can't...

[[ U.S. and Iraqi officials had hoped the new constitution, which goes to the voters in an Oct. 15 referendum, would help pacify the insurgency by luring Sunni Arabs away from it.

However, Sunni negotiators rejected the constitution and vowed to defeat it in the referendum. The bitter, protracted negotiations appeared to have raised tensions among Iraq's ethnic and religious communities.

Wow. They are ON IT. They are using almost every one of the liberal talking points and anti-war arguments right here IN A "NEWS STORY"... The body count, the increase in terrorism, the united nations, the Iraqi constitution troubles... the only thing they left out was the secret "low morale" of our troops that every liberal just knows must exist.

Oh... wait...

[[ U.S. Marines operate around Qaim but have complained privately that they do not have enough American or Iraqi forces to secure the area properly. ]]

"Privately"... yeah... like kitty kelley's "unnamed sources"...

b r a v o... we must tip our hat to the master manipulaters at the AP. How could "normal" Americans reading this trash think anything BUT badly of our war effort?

If we all just start taking more time to actually see what these idiots are trying to feed us, then they will cease to be effective. Good Lord... how do they keep getting away with this?

Here's the whole, disgusting thing.



Blogger Tsar Lazar said...


Here are to quotes from a great "newsman" that explain why:

"Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose."

"During a war, news should be given out for instruction rather than information."

They were written by Josef Goebbels.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

6/9/05 13:04  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

Off topic, but the Muse waits for no man:

The Bonny Boat the Moonbat (a parody to the tune “The Bonny Ship the Diamond”)
Dedicated to Sean Penn, Admiral of the Narrow Seas

Around the quay at New Orleans, the moonbats gathered ‘round,
With boonie-hats upon their heads and long hair flowing down.
Sean Penn, he came with followers to sail the flood so wide,
But he didn’t know jack-shit a’ boats and hence he nearly died.

So cheer up, my lads,
May your hearts never fail;
For the bonny boat The Moonbat
Goes fixin' for to sail...

He trailered in his Wal-Mart boat with entourage in tow,
His tailored Versace bullet-vest he was careful to show.
His first mate pushed a button and photographs he took,
But he forgot to check his boat, and soon they’d all be shook.


Now Cap’n Penn, his Dockers, they started to get wet,
And he just sat there cussing up a long blue streak, you bet.
As he called his crew “dumb assholes,” the boat began to rock,
And they all found that Cap’n Penn had left out a sea-cock.


Now Cap’n Penn had brought along a little plastic cup,
To give water to the refugees and himself some Seven-Up.
He grabbed the small red flagon and bravely dived right in,
He rapidly began to bail ‘fore water reached his shin.


When the boat was drier, the Cap’n then did say,
“Start the engine now, me boys, and we’ll still save the day!”
The engine wouldn’t start; in fact, would only wheeze and cough,
And Cap’n Penn, he realized that things were getting rough.


By now they were a yard from shore, almost beyond the pale,
So Cap’n Penn he told his crew back to the quay to sail.
His crew they all broke out the sweeps, and steadily did row,
And Cap’n Penn he swore no more
a-rescuing they’d go.

6/9/05 14:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to record that one dude!

6/9/05 18:15  
Blogger kmg said...

I agree... that one should hit the open market!

6/9/05 23:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Good Lord... how do they keep getting away with this?"

Heh ... are you sure they are getting away with it? Audiences are declining all across the MSM. My guess is that simple economics is probably going to nudge most of them into more reasonable postures in fairly short order ...


7/9/05 13:48  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...


A good observation---I hope so. The problem is, they are extremely idealistic, and that tends to obscure the economic factors at times. Let's hope they can be bought off easily. ;)

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

7/9/05 20:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see whether the owners are anything like as idealistic as the staff, though ... :-)


8/9/05 16:12  

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