Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More Signs Of The Apocalpyse

From SAJ we get word of this heart warming article...

[[ Timken High School in Canton, Ohio, has succeeded in setting a new record. Sixty-five of the girls attending Timken are pregnant.

This record is matched by another startling local statistic. According to the Canton Health Department, out of 586 babies born through July at local hospitals, 104 of the babies had mothers between the ages of 11 and 19.

We are reminded of the cause of this abomination.

[[ Think about it. Timken girls and boys have succeeded at one thing. They have succeeded in absorbing the messages of modern American culture and incorporating those messages into their lives

They have learned what "sexucators" have been teaching. Babies are no longer the expected product of a married couple committed to each other for life. Marriage, sex, love, infatuation, fun, babies and families ... all of it is up for grabs ... depending on the mood of the day and the luck of the dice.

Who can argue with this? These kids are displaying the fruits of what the liberals have brought us down to. This is exactly what a scientist would expect to see as a result of the "experiment" conducted in this country since the 1960's.

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Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

On the subject of sex and the Apocalypse, here is a brief statement from Planned Parenthood:
Help Those Affected by Hurricane

Support Planned Parenthood and their patients during this time of great need. By clicking here, 100% of your tax-deductible contribution will go directly to helping Planned Parenthood affiliates and health centers in this region serve women and families who have nowhere else to turn.

Planned Parenthood clinics in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and in other affected areas are doing everything possible to attend to the needs of patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Women and families escaped the storm with their lives, leaving behind birth control and other items critical to their well-being. Those desperate for care are rushing to their nearest health center to get the care and treatment they need. Despite the horrific events of the past few days, affiliates and health centers in this region are determined to serve all those that come through the door. Click here to donate to Planned Parenthood's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

So, step right up, folks, and support the rights of women to have abortions even in the hurricane-stricken areas.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

7/9/05 15:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical and disgusting.

7/9/05 20:34  
Blogger huskermet said...

Apparently times have changed since I was in high school.

Try as I might, I couldn't coax many of my girlfriends into it.

7/9/05 21:23  
Blogger kmg said...

Husker: Yeah, I guess we all could have "scored" a lot more easily if we had the teachers and the government helping us!!

8/9/05 10:08  
Blogger saj said...

KMG, you hit the nail right on the head, except I would take it one step further. The teachers are getting in on the act now a days too, especially the female ones.

8/9/05 12:31  
Anonymous JenW said...

The number of pregnancies is probably higher because a lot of the girls aborted their babies. :(

Adoption must be made easier and a more viable option!

Most of all, DON'T HAVE SEX, needs to be pounded into their heads. Mostly, don't do what you see on TV!

9/9/05 05:10  
Anonymous JenW said...

OOps...I meant "probably" aborted their babies in my above post...

9/9/05 05:53  

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