Sunday, September 18, 2005

Now THIS Is Good Election News!

German Elections: Conservative Challenger Angela Merkel Defeats Gerhard Schroeder's Party

[[ The vote centered on different visions of Germany's role in the world and how to fix its sputtering economy. Schroeder touted the country's role as a European leader and counterbalance to America, while Merkel pledged to reform the moribund economy and repair ties with Washington. ]]

Hmmm... you mean someone besides America should worry about repairing ties? What a concept!

This is very good news for the future of Europe, too. It does look like the beginnings of a backlash against all of the multi-culteral insanity that has swept over the continent for so long now. Maybe there's hope for them, after all...

Or... not. (Parental warning: this link leads to idiotic, vulgar, and obscene stuff.)

Geez... morons, morons everywhere...



Blogger huskermet said...

The problem, AISI, with Merkel is that she is destined to fail.

Reversing the trend of socialism in Germany is going to impose more than a little economic hardship on the average German.

In a coalition government, where parlaimentarians are elected on a more free-form basis, the Liberals and Socialists will be decrying the government at every turn, and the constituencies will be pressuring every elected official to maintain the status quo, only make things better.

If Merkel, who is a social conservative as well, can impress the need for a greater degree of free market capitalism, Germany turns around. As the economic picture turns around, the social side has a chance to reverse the long slide into Islamic oblivion.

But talk is cheap, and the talkers have to continue to get elected. When the German people finally reach an economic and social tipping point, a leader will emerge.

Unfortunately, Germans at such a point have a really bad track record in choosing anti-socialist reform leadership (cf. 1932).

It's good news, but not great news about Merkel. Time will tell what she is made of.

18/9/05 10:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a start.

18/9/05 12:36  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

Why is it that Belgians not only make lousy beer, but also seem to exemplify that group of qualities of the figure known elsewhere as a EUnuch?
Of course, that Belgian "songwriter" wasn't saying anything we haven't already heard from the Fat Dixie Chick in THIS country...

Tsar Lazar

19/9/05 08:11  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

I agree with Anon., BTW. It is a start, although I think what Germany actually needs is a good, Conservative Brau-Haus Putsch. Bavarians are pretty conservative folks; maybe they can manage a repeat performance...? (without the swastikas this time around, of course).
But I understand where you're coming from, husker, and I agree...she's going to be walking a tightrope for some time to come. Let's hope she doesn't fall, because if she does Deutschland is heading for dhimmitude.

Tsar Lazar

19/9/05 08:18  

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