Thursday, November 16, 2006


This is a plan for winning the war in Iraq. I don't think I like all of it... especially the part about a deadline. What is to stop the terrorists from simply waiting for the deadline... then we leave... then they come back?

Anyway, it's an interesting discussion. Let's hear some comments.

One Military Officer's Aggressive New Plan for Iraq



Blogger warhorse said...

Point 3: Talk to the UN. Complete. Utter. Waste. Of. Time. Even the domestic political scene is probably too polarized for this to be meaningful.
Point 4: send in the striped pants and money set. Good idea, doesn't really go far enough. State (CIA, too) needs to get pillaged, burned, and re-staffed by people who believe in America first. Unfortunately, that's a job for the next administration. :-(
Point 5: the PR op. Fabulous idea. Let's tell the bad guys we'll be gone in a year. *There's* a good way to win a counterinsurgency ...

16/11/06 10:38  
Blogger warhorse said...

Hmm ... Blogger seems to have swallowed the first half of my post, so try again ...

Point 1: One year surge, if and only if Iraqis match it, else immediate withdrawal. Problem: can the Iraqis deliver? Al-Sadr is an important part of the governing coalition, and he won't like this at all. He has a lot to gain by fouling this effort up any way he can, and a lot to lose if it goes through.
Point 2: The one year surge, and more advisors for the ISF. The advisors are a good idea, but the surge won't achieve any meaningful long-term results, because it ignores the real problem: Iran. Winning in Iraq will *require* doing something about Iran, and that means more than just bombing a few nuclear research facilities.

16/11/06 10:53  
Blogger kmg said...

Agreed. Also, we won't make any hay in Iraq so long as fat-head al-sadr is around. He is a large, large part of the poison that is tainting the country right now.

He has to go.

16/11/06 15:10  

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