Saturday, December 09, 2006

Not The Answer?

Well, I suppose that would depend on the question... right?

Larry Elder asks the question... and looks at some answers.

[[ "War is not the answer."

So said the bumper sticker on the car I parked behind. Early for my haircut, I decided to sit a bit and ponder the gravity of that message. "War is not the answer" — to what? To non-war? To, say, the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor? To Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939? To the simultaneous multi-Arab nation attack on the newly United-Nations-chartered State of Israel in 1948?

If War Is Not The Answer...



Blogger saj said...

I see those bumber stickers on cars around here pretty regularly. What can you say to someone so utterly clueless? Nothing really. They live in la la land. Most of them will change their minds when a nuclear weapon strikes the United States. The rest are beyond help.

10/12/06 04:18  
Blogger saj said...

The first thing that comes to mind when I do see one of those bumper stickers is, "I wonder if that person would have the nerve to tell a surviver of a nazi death camp that war is not the answer."

10/12/06 04:20  

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