Friday, December 08, 2006

One Large White Flag, Please

Well, I've read some of the ISG (that's the "I Surrender Group) report... and also what some smart people are saying about it.

It is, apparently, everything we feared... and more.

First, let's see what the editorial staff of the NY Post think:

[[ After nine laborious months, the Iraq Study Group yesterday recom mended that there be peace in the Middle East.

Well, of course.

But how to achieve it?

One word: Surrender.

Here's the rest of it: The Counsel Of Cowards

Now, how about a word from Ralph Peters?

[[ Former Secretary of State James Baker and his panelists are trying to shore up the failing regional system that their generation designed. Released yesterday, their report doesn't offer "a new way forward." Its recommendations echo past failures. And it shows no sense of how gravely the world has changed.

The report doesn't offer a plan, but a muddle of truisms and truly bad ideas.

Unwise Men Bear Gifts For Butchers



Anonymous cheevie said...

"The Iraq Study Group counsels cowardice - and, ultimately, a shameful defeat."

That's the only line needed in the first article.

Here's my advice to the President. In the form of a shopping list

"Countries I should invade before I leave office, in order to prevent the an American and Israeli holocaust when Hillary commie-Clinton takes office."
1. Iran
2. North Korea
3. Syria
4. Venezuela
5. Whomever's left that wants some.

Ah, if only........

Oh yeah, and Iraq.

How about we focus on fixing problems, not avoiding them with cowardice and jackassedness.

That is all

8/12/06 11:14  
Blogger kmg said...

You forgot Canada... they've been asking for it for years!!

9/12/06 06:04  

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