Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's Not Fair, It's Not Fair - They Cheated! Waaahhh!!

Sorry... but that is exactly what this jackass sounds like. CNN is getting their butts handed to them by Fox News and this is how he responds.

I just love the reply from Fox News' spokeswoman! (From Drudge)

[[ CNN President Jonathan Klein implies ratings news leader FOXNEWS is mired in coverage of "meaningless nonsense," claiming: "Fourteen Americans dead, and they have Natalee Holloway on," Klein says. "And they're supposedly America's news channel."

"It's easy and it's brainless," Klein charges in a telephone interview set for publication at the NEW YORK TIMES, explaining why cable news outlets are gravitating to the Aruba story. "They're looking for an ongoing drama" along the lines of the NBC crime show "Law & Order," he said, adding, "Except 'Law & Order' doesn't do the same plot every night."

"There are an awful lot of things you can cover if you don't have people tied up with this meaningless nonsense," Klein says.

In early July, Klein pulled CNN's correspondent out of Aruba and dropped the subject from most CNN shows in the absence of new developments.

"If Jon performed as well as he talks, he wouldn't have to explain his network's dismal ratings," says Irena Briganti, a spokeswoman for FOXNEWS. "We have trounced him on every breaking news story from the London bombings and last week's events in Gaza."
]] (LINK to Drudge flash)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the Natalee Holloway story. I wish they would fill us in only when there was something new to report. I think Fox should follow CNN's lead here.

That being said, I don't believe Fox's excellent ratings have a whole lot to do with the Natalee Holloway story but more to do with politics. I don't know maybe I'm wrong, but I hope not.


24/8/05 13:03  
Anonymous tj said...

Am I the only one who has this problem...every time I hear the word "Aruba", the Beach Boys song, Kokomo is suddenly stuck in my it just me???'s maddening.

24/8/05 14:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the same problem when this story first broke, but I'm so sick of it now that I just turn the channel as soon as I see her face on the screen.

I don't mean to sound callous. I hope that there is a resolution to this story. If she is dead, I hope that there is justice for her. It just gets old the way the media latches onto stories like this.

Aruba, Jamaica, oh, I want to take ya, Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama....


24/8/05 15:19  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

I have to admit that the Communist News Network has a valid criticism, here. Fox seems obsessed with the Holloway case, when there are many more important things going on. Personally, I think Greta vS is just enjoying her lengthy stay in Aruba.

It's a shame she's missing and presumed dead, but a lot of kids go missing in the US every year, and they are lucky to end up on a milk carton or a mailer card. I'm sure the fact that Natalie was pretty, blonde, affluent, and white has nothing to do with her popularity in the MSM....

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

24/8/05 23:44  

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