Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Judicial Activism? In California? Come On!

This is from the "special place in hell for him" files.

Judge: School Pledge Is Unconstitutional

[[ Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools was ruled unconstitutional Wednesday by a federal judge who granted legal standing to two families represented by an atheist who lost his previous battle before the U.S. Supreme Court. ]]

You just gotta love those wacky, arrogant, elitist, atheistic, anti-American judges. I'll say one thing for them: they do have nerve.

On a bright note, this sort of thing is exactly what we need ordinary Americans to see... it really helps illustrate the point that Conservatives always make about "activist judges." It is doubly valuable in this time of Supreme Court appointments.

This better be slapped down fast.



Blogger saj said...

This won't stand. Unfortunately, we have to wait for this case to wind it's way to the Supreme Court.

14/9/05 17:31  
Blogger saj said...

Outside of President Bush's iron will to stand up to terrorists, this is the reason I voted for him - the appointment of judges who will uphold the original intent of the Founders when they wrote the Constitution.

14/9/05 18:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It won't stand. But its very sad that it has even got this far.

14/9/05 18:49  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

Personally, as a teacher I am not only going to continue saying the pledge with my students, but I am going to increase my volume a bit on the "under God" part.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Some assembly required.

Tsar Lazar

14/9/05 20:09  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

One thought: I wonder if God accepts legal precedent as an excuse for banning Him from public life? In this judge's case, I pray so.

Tsar Lazar

14/9/05 20:19  
Blogger huskermet said...

The Supremes punked out on this one before when Nedow ran it up. If they'd have just ruled on the main case, we'd already have our answer.

Maybe Roberts will be able to command a little ideological discipline.

I know Scalia has spoken on this topic and is a-rarin' to go, and probably we could count on Thomas.

Obviously Souter and Ginsberg are on the other side.

That still leaves two swing votes, and one of them will probably still be O'Connor, who you can't trust as far as you can throw her.

Things will get interesting quickly once Roberts is confirmed and we find out who the next nominee is.

14/9/05 22:47  
Blogger saj said...

Tsar, I wondered if there were any teachers in California where this ruling applies that will have the guts to have their students say the Pledge anyway.

Does this ruling apply directly to you?

I would love to see a huge number of teachers ignore this ruling and be removed from the classroom only to have the school board scramble to find substitute teachers.

15/9/05 04:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember that most of the teachers in CA are part of one of the biggest and most corrupt unions in the country and many of them long ago sold their souls.

15/9/05 05:59  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.


It doesn't apply to me yet, but it's probably coming. For the moment, it only applies to three smaller school districts up near Sacramento. Here in the Central Valley (I live and work near Fresno) we tend to be a bit more conservative than other parts of the state. In any case, my reaction as stated above will not change, and I know on a persoanl basis many teachers who will do likewise. There are even some district admins in the area who have had the guts to say this ruling is b.s. and will be ignored in their districts.

But yeah, this ruling will be met with widespread civil disobedience throughout most parts of CA---except, of course, Sodom and Gomorrah (SF & LA).

Tsar Lazar

15/9/05 06:42  
Anonymous tj said...


You have mentioned that you are a grade school teacher in the Fresno area, correct? We are a bit outside of the s.f. bay area and just this year, our children's school is changing their grading system from the normal letter grades to a numerical grading system. Sounded o.k. at first if a 4 would be the equivalent to an A for example, but upon further review I found that to get a 4, the child needs to score a 99% or higher. To recieve a 3, the child needs to score between an 80% to 98%. This seems ludicrous to me and I asked the superintendent about it. His answer was that all of the schools in California will be changing to this new grading system. Is there any truth to this? Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated. I am actually pondering home schooling because I don't know what else to do at this point.

15/9/05 11:52  
Blogger Iwanski said...

Sorry, I disagree... I think the court made a wise decision. The words "under god" make it a recited declaration about belief in God.

15/9/05 19:14  
Blogger kmg said...

iwanski: What it really makes is a recited declaration of ALLEGIANCE. The words "under God" are a pronouncement of a fact that cannot be argued.

Founded on Judeo-Christian values and overwhelmingly populated with God fearing people, America is, indeed- for all intents and purposes- "under God." That is, by the way, not contingent upon your- or anyone else's- approval. It is merely a fact.

So you see, the recitation of those two words is simply incidental to the pledging of loyalty to the country.

Let go of your fear, Amigo- the big, bad Christians are not going to hurt you.

15/9/05 19:54  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

"Let go of your fear, Amigo- the big, bad Christians are not going to hurt you."

Ummmmmm...I will. ;)

Tsar Lazar

15/9/05 20:13  
Blogger kmg said...

Tsar! Shhhhh...!!! Must lull them into a false sense of security so we can spring the Christian trap on them!!

15/9/05 20:14  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

tj: I haven't heard anything but rumors about that yet, but then my district is characterized by a largely antagonistic relationship between the teachers and Admin. I fault the CTA for this; they've been acting even more stupidly than usual here. I can't wait until they pass the ballot prop that will allow us to refuse to let CTA spend our money on politics; let the Dems in this state go pound the pavement for it, for once.

Tsar Lazar

15/9/05 21:37  

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