Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This Is How You Do It!

Having trouble with pesky seditionists and terrorist sympathizers? Finding yourself overrun with foreign nationals who are seeking the death and destruction of your society? No problem! Just do what the British do- kick 'em the hell out!!

Here are the "acts of hate" that can get you kicked out of the UK.

[[ The Home Office today published a list of "unacceptable behaviours" which will lead to the deportation or exclusion of any foreign national who commits them from the UK.

According to the Home Secretary the list is indicative rather than exhaustive and covers any non-UK citizen whether in the UK or abroad.

Terrorist violence

Cannot foment, justify, glorify terrorist violence in furtherance of particular beliefs

Terrorist acts

Cannot seek to provoke others to terrorist acts

Criminal acts

Cannot foment other serious criminal activity or seek to provoke others to serious criminal acts

Inter-community violence

Cannot foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK.


Individuals who do the above by any means or medium are caught by the legislation, including:

- writing, producing, publishing or distributing material;

- public speaking including preaching

- running a website

- using a position of responsibility such as teacher, community or youth leader

(LINK to story)

One thing's for sure, the Brits believe strongly in making up for past mistakes. They're not about to be caught unawares again... too bad it took bloody terrorist strikes to wake them up.



Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

My question is, when are we going to try to accomplish the same thing? Again, it comes back to free speech, and whether it is time to seriously reconsider putting some limits on it.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

24/8/05 11:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one has ever said that speech that incited violence or sedition was "free"... that definition is a "progressive" one.

This garbage is not- and should not be- covered as "free speech".

24/8/05 12:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You realize how difficult it is going to be to get something like that in this country. Guess who will be the first in line to put a stop to it... the aclu.

I have a fear that the liberals will use it to stifle religious speech, especially where homosexuals are concerned.


24/8/05 12:56  
Blogger kmg said...

You are probably right, SAJ... they will use ANYTHING to accomplish those ends.

24/8/05 15:50  

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