Tuesday, November 06, 2012

From The Ashes of Defeat...

A few thoughts:

Our country is sick.  Welfare and free phones have won the night.

I did not see this coming.  All rational indications pointed another way... but the desperation of those takers was just too great.

This is a very, very big blow to America.  We are in trouble, to be sure.  I weep for my country... and mostly for those untold millions of unborn babies who will be murdered.  The main tenants of Obamacare will kick in over the next two years, the already crippled economy will grow worse, we could see one or two new liberal justices appointed, our religious freedoms will be attacked with new force... and on, and on, ad infinitum. 

I want to just walk away from it all.  I want to curl up and lose myself in oblivion.

...but I won't.

Hell, no- I won't.

Patriots don't do that.  Americans don't do that.  Not when our country needs us most.

We are only defeated when we quit.  I refuse to quit.  That is exactly what they want from us.  Hell, no.  I plan to redouble my resolve to fight these bastards wherever I find them.  I will not submit!

Want to hear some positives?

-We almost pulled it off.  We came much closer than in 2008.  That means our country got smarter and almost did it.  That is a positive, by any measurement.

-We gained in the House.  They can stop some of the atrocities.

-There will be electoral hell to pay in 2014-- especially after the worst of Obamacare becomes obvious to the stupid people.

-Most importantly, God is with us.

They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength,
they will soar on eagles’ wings;
They will run and not grow weary,
walk and not grow faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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God bless America.


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