Sunday, December 21, 2014

Not Just a Cat

The mighty Butter is gone, but he is not forgotten-- nor will he ever be.

We lost him only yesterday.  His time had come... but it was such a jolt.  He deteriorated so damn fast.  So hard to see the toughest feline in the world suffer such a fate.  Cancer had grown on his face and in his throat.  He couldn't eat... couldn't move his bowels.  Ultimately, he found peace at the hands of a kind and gentle veterinarian, for whom we are very grateful.

This brief post is simply a way for me to salute The Butter.  Allow me a moment to tell you about this special being whom I held in the highest regard.  As anyone who knows me can attest to, I'm not a "cat person."  I prefer dogs.  The Butter was not just a cat, though.  He was a presence.

He did not ask for respect from the people and other animals in the house; he commanded it.  He did not walk; he sauntered.  He did not jump; he leapt.  He did not eat; he consumed.  In short, The Butter lived a very large and powerful life (that means more to me than I can say here).

He was, in a very real way, larger than life.  If you needed a cat to build an adventure story on, The Butter was your guy.  He hated the "soft" life; always trying to escape and find things to kill and conquer.  He was just that damn cool.

By the way, he fully merited being called "The" Butter.  It simply felt right.  Just like "The Batman."  People say it that way because there is only one of them.  One Batman.  One Butter.

I always felt from The Butter a sense of dignity that I don't really perceive in other cats.  I tried to honor that by never patronizing him in the way so many people do with felines ("here, kitty-kitty-kitty," etc.).  He and I had an arrangement: no disrespect either way and no one gets hurt.

Maybe it makes me something of a "girly man," but I cried my damn eyes out for The Butter as and after he died.  He had been suffering for a long time... and it was just not fair.  He bore it well, though... his mighty spirit showed through even in the darkest times.  We can all learn from that.

In any case, my life is diminished now that he is gone.  He mattered.

Rest in peace, my friend.  I know for certain that God has a place for you in His kingdom.


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