Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bad Career Move

This reporter can probably start looking for a new job... her employers definitely do not take kindly to this kind of thing.

CNN Reporter Praises Marines' Professionalism And Restraint

This is exactly the kind of information that gets lost when "incidents" like this happen.



Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Take The Hint

Seen on Drudge today-

Now this is a very good grassroots idea...

Lawmakers Getting Hard Message

If only there was a chance in hell that they would actually listen.

BTW, we survived the move thing... barely. Someday I may actually write the incredible details here- it was epic.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Administrative Note

Posting will be sparse, at best, for the next few days. We are undergoing one of the worst tragedies anyone can face... we are moving.

Thanks again to those few of you still stopping by for regular visits here... I'll be back soon (provided I make it through, of course).

Be well and watch out for politicians bearing amnesty.



Thursday, May 25, 2006

Too Bad For The DFL

Even though I am highly PO'd at the republicans, it still needs to be pointed out that CONSERVATIVE policies like tax cuts have resulted in the best economy we've seen in many a year.

It has to be disconcerting to the liberals... just when it starts to seem like they have a chance, along comes more news like this:

GDP Sizzling

I imagine they are saying "GD that GDP!"

So, what's a depressed liberal to do? Well, they can always use their shills in the media to invent stories like this to keep the balance:

ABC News Says House Speaker Hastert Under Investigation

But... then here comes that damned old Justice Department to rain on their parade:

DOJ: "Speaker Hastert Is NOT Under Investigation."

Well, there's always "Bush lied, people died!" That one never gets old.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Have A New Nick-Name For...

John McCain:

"Old Splinter Butt."

It fits. Anyone who rides fences as much as him is bound to have an ass full of splinters.

McCain Expounds

His plan has always seemed to be to just say the right thing to the right people at the right time. Instead of just saying the right thing.

I wish we could take the parts from each politician that we like and make one super-candidate. You know, President Bush's faith and loyalty, McCain's war-hero status and support of our military, Tancredo's ideas on immigration, Newt's savvy, etc.

Ah, well... lacking the super-candidate, I may well wind up sitting out the next election. Can't take these morons anymore.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can You Believe...

...that this woman was actually our Secretary of State???

Albright Trashes President Bush's Faith

Good grief... there is absolutely no end to their crap.

She has a problem with absolute right and wrong...? Yeah, they all do, don't they? That is the very crux of the matter, in fact. Conservatives see things as good and bad, right and wrong (I mean real Conservatives). Wacky liberals see nothing but "gray and okay." That means that whatever the issue is, there is no good, no bad, no right, no wrong... just nuance... because someone's feelings might be hurt by calling it otherwise.

By the way, I keep forgetting... which part of the Constitution was it that guarantees us the right to not be offended?

Please, Lord, deliver us from this insanity...

(Oops! Did I just publicly pray?)


Sunday, May 21, 2006

More On The Conundrum

Last month, we looked at why so many Jews are liberals.

This month, we find Dennis Prager again digging into this perplexing area- this time to find out why some of those Jews are actually helping those who hate Jews (and Americans, of course).

Self-loathing is a very real hallmark of the DFL... be they Jewish or otherwise.

Explaining Jews, Part VI: Jews Who Aid Those Who Hate Them

What a wacky world we live in, eh?


Friday, May 19, 2006

War Perspective Alert

Here's a nice little piece in the NY Sun.

When you look at these numbers, it will help you to focus your anger on where it belongs... the old media.

[[ I happened to catch Rep. Steve King, a Republican of Iowa, on C-span last week and he rattled off some startling figures that demonstrate how off-base journalists are when it comes to reporting on the war in Iraq. According to Mr. King, the violent death rate in Iraq is 25.71 per 100,000. That may sound high, but not when you compare it to places like Colombia (61.7), South Africa (49.6), Jamaica (32.4), and Venezuela (31.6). How about the violent death rates in American cities? New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina was 53.1. FBI statistics for 2004-05 have Washington at 45.9, Baltimore at 37.7, and Atlanta at 34.9.

The point Mr. King was making is that if journalists covered only the violence in these other cities and countries, as they do in Iraq, our perceptions of these places would also be highly negative.

wow... perspective really is everything, isn't it?

Spinning The Reality Of Iraq War

Read it all, please.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Golden Opportunity For Juxtaposition

For those paying attention, recent happenings are an excellent lesson in comparative religion. Let's take a quick look at two cases of note.

In case #1, we see an open and free society in which a very high-budget movie is produced that is considered extremely blasphemous to the world's largest religion. Controversy erupts- dialogue is heated and plentiful. Boycotts of the movie are called for. The media reports with great gusto- advertisements and previews for the offensive movie are everywhere- and the people involved in making it are celebrated and publicly praised.

In case #2, we see an open and free society in which a newspaper prints some political cartoons that are considered extremely blasphemous to the world's second largest religion. Controversy erupts- dialogue is heated and plentiful. Murder and mayhem are called for by the religion's leaders and conducted by the faithful. Worldwide riots ensue... death and destruction occur...

call for violence

bounty for head-chopping

The media runs and hides in a corner... falling all over itself to avoid upsetting the lunatics... media caves in to terrorists.

Okay... now, discuss among yourselves the differences. That is, if you see any...


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Morale Problems


Another story about falling morale among the troops in Iraq...

[[ Morale is slipping in Iraq. Fighters are growing doubtful of success. A comprehensive strategy for winning the conflict is nonexistent. ]]

Yeah, yeah- blah, blah, bl...

...wait a minute...

...better read the whole thing.

Morale slippage in Iraq

Nice twist, eh?


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Real, Clear Common Sense

John McIntyre at Real Clear Politics has perfectly described my take on the "domestic spy scandal" nonsense.

[[ In the run up to the 2004 election I debated a very left-wing professor who went on and on about how the Patriot Act was essentially a reincarnation of Gestapo or KGB tactics. I responded that I was of course concerned about individual liberties and the unfettered power of the state, but that in the post-9/11 world there is a balancing act between liberty and security, and that I would be more sympathetic to critics of the Patriot Act if they could point to specific cases of abuse. Show me the real alive Jane and Joe Americans who have had their liberties violated in some grotesque manner by the Patriot Act. Needless to say, the professor moved on.

I ask the same question today to the bloggers and pundits out there who are hyperventilating over the latest revelation that our security agencies are actually trying to do their job. Many of the people decrying these violations of civil liberties are the same ones who ripped the government for its inability to "connect-the-dots" prior to 9/11.

It's a short piece, so please go and read the rest- it's well worth your time.

Connecting-the-Dots, Data Mining and the Loss of Real Civil Liberties


Monday, May 15, 2006

A Start...?

In the spirit of giving credit where due, I will say that this is a promising sign:

House Permits Pentagon to Assign U.S. Military Along Mexican Border

At the risk of injecting cynicism, though... I'll keep both eyes open on this one- just so I'm ready for when the other shoe drops. (Plus, we'll see what the President has to say tonight.)

Not that I don't trust the brave, reverent, and loyal politicians to actually do the right thing...

I'm just saying.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bad Poetry Moment

Here's a ridiculously optimistic piece from an unknown poet. Just felt like sharing.

The Other Side

On the other side of sorrow,
I tell myself each day,
Is a doorway to tomorrow-
Through which we'll find our way.

On the other side of sadness,
It must be true as well,
The answers to our madness-
O'er there must surely dwell.

On the other side of all that pain,
Just waiting to be found,
Is all the good we stand to gain-
Once fear stops leading us around.



Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Symptom Of Our Troubles

As funny as this one is, there is a very loud alarm bell ringing, too.

"Paralyzed" Woman Gets Up, Runs From Police

How many more of them are out there- working with john edwards and other parasitic lawyers?


Friday, May 12, 2006

A Must Read

There is great truth in this "what if" column by the hyper-astute Victor Davis Hanson.

It chills one to the very bone to imagine what could have been... please read it.

[[ I think Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Henry Stimson, and George Marshall conducted the Second World War brilliantly, despite “thousands of mistakes.” But I can also envision how our present intelligentsia and punditocracy would have sized up their sometimes less than perfect efforts or applied their own reporting to the struggle against Japan and Germany. So imagine something like the following op-ed appearing, say, around May 1, 1945. ]]

Professor Hanson's history makeover begins thusly:

[[ May 21, 1945—After the debacles of February and March at Iwo Jima, and now the ongoing quagmire on Okinawa, we are asked to accept recent losses that are reaching 20,000 dead brave American soldiers and yet another 50,000 wounded in these near criminally incompetent campaigns euphemistically dubbed “island hopping.” ]]

It goes on...

In The Eye Of The Beholder


Thursday, May 11, 2006


I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Baseless Confidence


I Have Had...


We are living in insane-land now.

THIS is why I am a registered Independent. It is just another symptom of the impotent "leadership" in Washington.

I am sick to bloody death of both parties and their political games.

I will not be voting this November unless these spineless idiots fix this immigration mess. Maybe the liberals getting back in power is the wake-up call this country needs to finally get our act together.

Brent Bozell shows another huge part of the problem.

Hey, Congress:





(Pretty please?)


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Definitely A Sign Of The Apocalypse

The world just doesn't make sense to me anymore...

hillary Says President Bush Has Charm And Charisma

I guess if I were a cynical person, I would say something about this being another part of her master plan to appear to move toward center- you know, for the whole presidential run thing.

Good thing I'm not cynical.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Traitorous Traitor Continues To Betray U.S.

Q: When is enough enough?

A: Apparently, never- IF the subject is cindy sheehan.

In the latest adventures of the treasonous tool of the DFL, we find her in Canada- encouraging our military personnel to desert and come there for "refuge." She is also encouraging Canada to provide said refuge- since, in her own words:

[[ "I believe our war resisters are legitimate refugees," ...]]

"War resisters"... "Refugees"... "Legitimate refugees"...


Words mean different things to moonbats, don't they?

Insane Moonbat Pressures Canada


Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh, Hell, Yes!!

It's about time- that's all I have to say.

Israel Reminds Iran That They, Too, Can Be Wiped Off The Map

Oh, and I should also say, "Put that in your uranium enricher and smoke it, Mahmoud!!"

There... now I'm done.

...for now...


Conservative Stereotyping

Here's a nice little Townhall column that discusses how Conservatives are viewed/labeled by the liberal world.

It really makes one think of how incredibly evil the media is when it comes to portraying exactly what a Conservative is. They do this intentionally and maliciously- no doubt about it.

Anyway, I love the last part of this column...

[[ Of course, every once in a while it is possible to generalize about conservatives. “Those people sure seem happy,” The Post story about Dreher and his family concludes. Happiness is one trait most conservatives do share -- even if some are simply happy because we’re not liberals. But there’s no litmus test. Even if you’re unhappy, we’ll take you too. ]]

There is no question we are happier than liberals. They are far, FAR too busy hating and seething to actually enjoy their lives.

Political Litmus Test


Don't You Know That...

...there are people starving in Korea?

Family Kicked Out Of Buffet Restaurant For Wasting Food

Man, that restaurant does not take any crap from anyone! Too funny...


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Now We Can Add "Idiot" To His Resume

I have seen morons like this before- I can't tell you how many times. They want to look tough and make people think they are "all that"... but when something goes wrong with the weapon, they call for a real operator to fix it.

This one is especially funny... because this murdering scumbag is always careful about having a weapon in the picture with him (as are osama and other terrorist pigs).

Final proof that he has no real proficiency with weapons: notice how when he is finished "shooting," he turns toward his fellow terrorists and (inadvertently?) points the weapon at them all. Not to be outdone in the stupid department, none of them even flinch when the thing is waved in their faces. Imbeciles.

I wonder what the average muslim/arab will think of this? I hope the military can get it distributed very widely. Probably not... but still something to hope for.

Video Shows Al-Zarqawi Fumbling With Rifle


Friday, May 05, 2006

No Wonder He's Angry

After all, this is ostensibly what got his predecessor kicked off the island, right?

Castro Worth 900 Million Dollars

Gotta love those commie hypocrites!

Now, let's get all the moonbats together to defend Castro's right to be this rich... and don't forget to throw in lots of random mentions of 'che'- those always help.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Can You Stand It?

"It" being more good news from Iraq?

Frontline Breakthroughs

It shall remain one of the saddest things I can think of that much of the good our people are doing goes unreported... all because the slimy old media has an axe to grind.

These stories should be on every television every night... in every paper every morning... school children should be getting weekly reports of the good deeds and valor of our service people. This is what a nation does to sustain itself- and to honor its best warriors.



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

And Now, A Word From...

...John Stuart Mill - English economist & philosopher (1806 - 1873)

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.


Careful, Bashir... It's A One-Way Door

The next time you hear the apologists ranting about how islam is a religion of "tolerance" and all that crap... think of this story- which is, by the way, only the smallest tip of the iceburg when it comes to this subject.

In Pakistan, like every other muslim country on Earth, Christians are routinely persecuted and attacked. Here's a story about one family who gives in and converts to islam for "economic" and other reasons. Keep in mind the regular treatment of Christians by the "tolerant" muslims.

[[ In February about 400 people attacked and burnt a church in the southern city of Sukkur after accusations that a local Christian had burned pages from the Koran.

After a similar allegation last November a Muslim mob wielding axes and sticks set fire to three churches, a dozen houses, three schools, a dispensary, a convent and two parsonages.

The attacks were the worst on Pakistan's Christian community since 2002, when Muslim fanatics led an assault on a church with grenades on Christmas Day. Three young girls were killed in that attack, at Chianwala, 40 miles north of Lahore. ]]

Where Christianity Faces A Fight To Survive

Yeah... "tolerant"... that's exactly the word I was thinking.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

muslim Vs. muslim...


Anyone with half a brain can see that the ones killing all the muslims are... OTHER muslims!

Here's a "moderate" muslim (what the hell is that?) who sees this and speaks to it.

[[ Attacks by bin Laden's henchmen and others espousing violent Islamist thought are ostensibly carried out to oppose U.S. foreign policy. But it is Muslims who bear the brunt of their violence. The previous attacks on Sinai - in Taba in October 2004 and Sharm el-Sheik in July 2005 - were supposedly to avenge the U.S. invasion of Iraq and America's support of Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians. But who were the main victims of those attacks? Egyptians, the majority of whom are Muslim.

In Iraq, Wahhabi-inspired Sunni Muslim terrorists slaughter Muslim Shiites, whose death squads in turn execute Sunnis. In Palestine, which bin Laden claims to be so concerned about, Muslim Hamas is at loggerheads with Fatah, many of whose members are Muslims. In Darfur, too, where bin Laden urged his followers to go to fight a proposed UN force, genocidal Muslim Arab forces backed by Sudan's Islamist regime are killing Muslim blacks.

Once Again For muslims, It's Us Vs. Us

Very perceptive. Wonder why we don't hear more about this?


Monday, May 01, 2006

Hypocrisy Of The Highest Order

Hmmmm... how can this be? They seem to want America to do something quite contrary to what they practice in their own country.

That's odd, don't you think?

Mexico's Immigration Policies Don't Seem Very Friendly

(Hat tip to the ever-vigilant TJ.)



Be a good American (like the media and the liberals) and don't tell anyone this news. We wouldn't want people knowing about it... it may cause spontaneous optimism- and I don't have to tell you how dangerous that can be.

[[ The U.S. economy grew at its strongest rate in 2-1/2 years during the first quarter on strong spending and investment and a key gauge of price rises moderated from the fourth quarter, the Commerce Department said on Friday.

Gross domestic product grew at a 4.8 percent annual rate in the January-March first quarter, more than twice the 1.7 percent rate in the fourth quarter and the strongest for any three months since 7.2 percent in the third quarter of 2003.

Economy Growth Strongest In Years

Keep it secret... keep it safe.


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