Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hamas Victory Good News???

Jeff Jacoby thinks so... and I'm inclined to agree with him.

Hamas Victory Is A Good Thing


Meanwhile, the new Palestinian "leadership" wants the dollars to keep on a'flowin'... and their statement included this very amusing tidbit.

[[ "We call on you to transfer all aid to the Palestinian treasury," Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told a news conference in Gaza.

He spoke just hours before the Quartet were to meet.

Addressing international concerns that aid would be used to fund violence, Haniyeh said: "We assure you that all the revenues will be spent on salaries, daily life and infrastructure."

"Infrastructure" is, of course, code for "bomb making and Jew killing," which is the mainstay of their economy.



Monday, January 30, 2006

Political Maturity

Who bangs pots and pans, yells, screams, etc. when they don't want to hear something?

Right! Children do.

Just checking.

Protestors Plan To "Drown Out" President's Speech

[[ Anti-Bush protesters plan to hold a noisy demonstration outside the U.S. Capitol Tuesday night, when President Bush delivers his State of the Union speech to Congress. During a protest demanding that "Bush step down," liberal activists, headlined by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, will try to drown out Bush's address with drums, violins, pot-and-pan banging, car horns, church bells, and raised voices, according to a press release. "People will use flashlights to shine the light on Bush's lies," protest organizers said. The demonstration, which supposedly will attract thousands of people, is being organized by The World Can't Wait, a national organization launched in November to spread the word that "Bush lied, Bush spied, Bush must step down." Representatives from Veterans for Peace, the Hip-Hop Caucus, Interfaith Alliance, Progressive Democrats of America also will take part. Protesters who gather near the Capitol on Tuesday night say that, "after years of an unjust war raging in Iraq, widespread use of torture, massive spying and total neglect of the people of New Orleans, it is time to force President Bush to step down."" ]]

Did you notice some of the different groups that will be represented...?



Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our Future Is Bright...

...so long as we have kids like my Rachel Marie coming along.

Here's an impromptu poem she wrote at school... she got 60 out of 50 (extra credit), so the teacher has good taste. :-)

I am, of course, very proud of her... but mostly, I really think this should be shared.


When I try to grasp
the sacrifices
that some people make
to keep me safe and free,
how hard
some people work
just to keep me alive,
how difficult
some people's lives are made
so everyone can have rights,
it's then that I realize
that I can't possibly
what these people go through.

All I can do for these people
is appreciate
and pray
for them
and hope
for them.

I wonder
if these people know
what a difference
they make in my life
how much
I appreciate them.

Thirteen years old, and a genius already...


Friday, January 27, 2006

They Keep On Giving

We are not grateful enough for what we have. That's a fact. I always try to count my blessings, but I know that I still act like a spoiled American sometimes... just taking for granted all the wonderful things in my life.

Well, not today. Today, I proclaim gratitude for some of the blessings that we Conservatives have:

1) jimmy carter. I know this is only his most recent example, but let's face it- he is a gift from God. Without jimmy, we would not have a graphic example of what happens in later life when you've sold your soul.

2) The Gore-Bot. I guess that "dull" tag was really bothering him... because now he is a full-blown spaz. Seriously, though... picking on Canadians is really, really low. That's worse than kicking newborn puppies.

3) john f'n kerry. Now he is truly the one who keeps on giving. Is it ironic, or just supremely appropriate that he is in Switzerland making these comments? Dear Lord... what a loser.

All politics aside... much of the acrimony we have in this country comes from simple lack of manners. Too many people have forgotten what civility really is. Usually, these are the extremists and the "loud minority" who want to push us all their way. They are very much like children who just say what they are thinking and wanting, with no concern for what consequences their words may carry. Crazy...

Still, I am grateful for them... because, as my experience has taught me: everyone sets an example: one way or another.



Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Honesty... Or Just More Bile?

The latter, I'm afraid.

Well, I could say that you have to admire his honesty... but I won't say that. I won't say that because there is no real honesty to admire- just more bitterness from a leftist extremist who can't get over his BDS. He has packaged it differently, but it remains the same old crap. We never thought he supported the troops to begin with- those of us paying attention know that none of his ilk support our country at all.

The interesting part is that he will no doubt attract other moonbats who are tired of lying about "supporting the troops" and are ready to admit their hatred for all things American.

Perhaps this is another step closer to the civil war that some think is coming. Part of me really hopes so... and not just because our side has all the guns and fighting skills. Mostly it is because we need to stamp out this disease that is trying to sweep our population into a neo-marxist, islamofascist-appeasing corner.

Anyway... here it is. Enjoy.

Stein: "I Do Not Support The Troops"


Go Figure!

Well, this certainly was a nice surprise for the forces of goodness...

Canada Gets It Right

Take this with Germany's rightward lean and we start to see a trend- however limited.

Why is this happening? Hmmm... lower taxes, safer citizens, focus on values and family...

Gee... I don't know why it might be happening.


Sunday, January 22, 2006



"gonna need a minute alone, boys..."


A Long Drought (Seven Years)

Pardon this side-step into another realm... but my boys are in the big game today!


GO BRONCOS ! ! ! ! !




...now, back to your regular programming:



Friday, January 20, 2006

What's The Chance?

I am frequently reminded of the fact that one never knows what is to come. No matter how carefully we plan... no matter what the "forecasters" say... no matter which team is "supposed" to win...

The element of Chance is capricious and, I believe, somewhat ornery in its business. Those who have felt its arbitrary touch know exactly what I mean. Often, it makes absolutely no cosmic sense to us when something completely unexpected happens. Sometimes we chalk it up to Fate... or God's own hand... or just dumb luck.

Sometimes the results are desired and bring happiness... but more often, they are not. When they are good, they are "miraculous" - when bad, they are "disastrous." Either way, the absolute randomness of Chance is something that we must not ponder too deeply. I have always felt that Socrates was thinking of Chance's mischief when he wrote "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first drive mad."

Anyway, however you take it- Chance or just plain coincidence (of which I am always suspicious)- the fact is that events are often hugely effected by unexpected circumstances. Humans have always found their different ways to explain it; but whatever the explanation, it is a fact of life.

Here are my two examples for the day... two completely unexpected, totally unpredictable, and seemingly unrelated items.

First Item

Second Item

Soooooo... what do you think...? Unrelated?

Hmmmm... I wonder.




Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reality Check

You know, it's always amusing to me when the moonbats rant about "Nazi" tactics of Conservatives... and how "repressed" our society is because of the Patriot Act. However, if you ask them to name one- just one!- of their "liberties" that have been taken away, they will stammer and flammer (I made up that word because it rhymed) and then probably finish with something like "Yeah, well... Bush lied and people died!"

Anyway, now along comes this reminder of what real oppression is. The only surprise here is that the people actually fought back.

Chinese Violently Quell New Protest

So... ask your local moonbat what he/she thinks about the government oppression in China. No doubt the answer will be both enlightening and amusing.


Friday, January 13, 2006

20,000... And Leadership Stuff


Geez... we're almost at 20,000 hits. Even though a good many of those are repeat visitors, there have still been a lot of folks passed through here... certainly a lot more than I ever expected.

Anyway, in the spirit of incremental progress, here's another short, but heartfelt, post.

I have long known that the hardest kind of leadership is that which requires you to lead your peers (even former peers, as is now the case for me). There is a certain invisible wall to get over- and many people are not able to. You can easily succumb to the tempting siren of friendship... or the very attractive "perceived fairness" monster. Mostly, though, you can fall down flat when it comes time to deliver the darker side of leadership: discipline.

Nothing- and I mean nothing- is harder for me than being "the hammer" with my people. I think that, if you truly care about them, it would be hard for anyone. The old cliche about the parent saying "this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" certainly applies.

What makes this a lot easier is if you have shown yourself to be a caring leader. Then people- even the ones getting the bad news- will know that it is not just you being a jerk on a power trip.

I'm having these kinds of issues now, and it is taking every personal resource I possess to get through it. I work with- and lead- a lot of very experienced, mature (sometimes), Alpha-males... and let me tell you, it is a ride!

What has always helped me stay focused on what is truly important is a phrase that sums up a simple truth: "They don't care what you know, until they know that you care." I do try to live by that.

I just wanted to vent a little... thanks for listening. I like Huskermet's idea of you guys amusing yourselves while I'm away stressing at my "complicated" life. That made me laugh. So... by all means, carry on with that!

Here's a reward for reading today's post. This web page is awesome and everyone should read it. It takes a while to load... but it's worth it.

If Iwo Jima Happened Today

C-ya soon...



Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another Week

I've been taking the easy way out. By avoiding posting on this site, I've been allowing myself to coast away from expression- which is not good.

Anyway... I wanted to say that it's been my experience that progress is incremental. Like when I quit smoking... I went cold turkey- but it wasn't an overnight success. In fact, it was weeks/months before it was certain that I had beat it. Every day was progress.

So it goes with other aspects of life. The war in Iraq is a prime example of this. Spectacular progess has been made, but it has come slowly... almost evenly. Amidst a backdrop of explosions and death, the people of Iraq have been able to carve out a real chance at freedom. If progress wasn't incremental, then the moonbats would be right and all would be lost.

Honestly, I'm not sure what Murtha and the others could possibly be thinking. They see the same reports we do... the reports on the elections and the positive developments all around the Middle East of late. What the hell is wrong with these people? Have politics now really trumped patriotism, and even reality?

I guess they have.


But I digress. The purpose of this post was to apologize to those loyal few who have continued to honor me with their time and effort in coming here and checking in regularly. I'm sorry that I haven't been a good host lately. I'm sorry that I can't share more with you right now. Mostly, I'm sorry I can't make sense out of this crazy world for all of us.

Remember, though... progess is incremental.

C-ya soon...



Sunday, January 01, 2006

No Problem

Welcome to Two Thousand Thirty-One, minus twenty-five. (Sorry... that was how an old song I know started.)

Anyway, after last night's hopeful post- I wanted to push on and talk a bit about problems and/or obstacles. They are everywhere in our lives- for everyone in the world. They are small and large, simple and complex in nature... like money problems or employment issues or family situations or a thousand other examples. No matter what you do or where you go, there will be some kind of obstacle in your way at some point. It is one of the things that all human beings have in common.

Some people, though, seem to be much better than others at handling them... even to the point where sometimes it appears that the person doesn't have any obstacles or problems at all. So, what makes that someone successful at dealing with obstacles where someone else fails at the same task? Personal talent...? Determination...? Luck...? Probably all of those and more. Mostly, though, attitude is probably the single greatest defeater of obstacles.

I have come to believe (and I share this idea all the time) that an obstacle is nothing more than an invitation to courage (understanding that the true definition of courage is not the absence of fear- but rather the overcoming of fear).

There are only a few ways of dealing with an obstacle:

1) Ignore it (which usually leads to the obstacle dealing with you instead of the inverse).

2) Go over it.

3) Go around it.

The choice we make there is often much more telling about our character than how we address the simple things in life... sort of like the old "adversity doesn't build character- it reveals it." I personally have tried all three methods... with number two being the most successful for me. In fact, that is the one I recommend to most anyone. Just go run right over that obstacle. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Yeah... right.

If it were that easy, people wouldn't have the problems that they do- or, more accurately, they would have the same problems, but they would solve them very quickly.

So... why is it so damn hard for us to find and utilize a method of facing our problems and obstacles and not letting them get us? Most of the time, obstacles defeat people through simple intimidation... and that is a fact. Often, we let our fears and insecurities color the truth... making the obstacle into something much bigger than it actually is. That is, of course, once we actually admit consciously that there is a problem.

Also, I think that really good and effective problem solving skills are so hard to develop because we get caught up in thinking of every problem as being unique- rather than just seeing all obstacles/problems as being the same basic beast... and slaying them accordingly. Does that make sense? While it may, indeed, take different "technical" skill sets to solve different types of problems (e.g., money and love issues), the fact is that we have to begin the process of solving them the exact same way: by deciding to not be defeated by the obstacle.

It's that attitude thing I mentioned above. Just the simple act of recognizing a problem/obstacle as such and then facing it is a huge first step. Calling the enemy the enemy is the start of winning the battle. Next comes girding ourselves for the coming conflict... and deciding which method to use in charging the particular hill we are facing.

I think it starts with building simple, but strict, personal habits. For example, when I really started learning how to run years ago, I fell in love with it and wanted to get better and better. While training for races (and, of course, Marine Corps stuff), I developed certain techniques that still serve me to this day. A particularly good one involves running on hills: whenever I come to the base of a hill, I make myself speed up and "attack" the hill. Even if I am actually going slow, due to fatigue or whatever, I still push as hard as I can and charg the hill. Often, I have to slow way down once I get to the top... but I never, ever let up on myself while ascending the hill. That became a mental thing that worked very, very well for me. Whenever I see a hill coming on the horizon, my body and spirit begin to get ready for it... and this has become an automatic reaction and an almost instinctive part of myself.

See? Told you it was simple. Now just go out there and attack all your obstacles thusly... then report back here.

Seriously, I would be very interested to hear input from anyone and everyone in how they deal with obstacles. I'm not always successful at it... and I know I can always learn a lot from others.

Take care and happy New Year again.



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