Tuesday, August 02, 2016

God's Day

God put this prayer in my heart and brain a few years ago.  A good friend needed it today, so here it is.

Your Day

Almighty God:

Thank You for Your sunrise; in it, I find:
   -Your glory calling me into a new day,
   -The promise of a chance to do what I should do,
   -The hope of things not yet seen,
   -A blank canvas on which I can paint praise to You.

Thank You for Your daylight; in it, I find:
   -Your presence and glory in all things, if only I will look,
   -Your hand guiding me, if only I will take it,
   -Your voice teaching me, if only I will listen,
   -Your people, needing and providing help, if only I will join them.

Thank You for Your sunset; in it, I find:
   -The stunning beauty that only You can create,
   -A chance to reflect on and learn from the day now behind me,
   -Proof that endings can be as miraculous as beginnings,
   -No dread or fear of the coming night, because You are with me.

 All day, I find reasons to always give thanks to You for Your great glory and for all things.

In Jesus’ holy name,


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