Saturday, January 30, 2016


Well, we did it.

My eldest daughter and I finally decided to document some of the epic conversations we always seem to find ourselves in.

We now have one of those fancy new podcast thingies.  If nothing else, we can look back on it when we're old and say... "Wow- we talked a lot!"

We discuss most everything under the sun (and lots of stuff not under the sun).  So far, we're covered some religion stuff, American exceptionalism ('Merica!), animals in the afterlife, truth in art, GUNS, and much more. We're averaging about one episode every two weeks... and we're keeping them at or under an hour.

It's called "Pop 'n' Jay" (my kids call me "Pop" and she is Jessica)... so give it a try!

(P.S. - Look at the logo Jessica made for us... those who know us will get it right away.)

Pop 'n' Jay Podcast Artwork Image

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