Saturday, October 25, 2014

Felix Matthew Grinstead

The First Grandchild was simply going about his business of growing and developing, when he was suddenly and permanently pulled from his perfect environment and thrown into a painful and harsh one that no baby should ever have to deal with.

Felix Matthew came into this world on 17 September, 2014.  His appointment time for arrival was not until 8 December, but the Good Lord had other plans.  Mother Alycia suffered a placental abruption (scary stuff- see here) that dictated immediate surgery to remove the baby and fix the problem.  Skillful medical professionals in Pueblo, Colorado did a great job of getting Felix into the world, so to speak (thankful point).

Felix now resides in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  An amazing place that is doing amazing things (thankful point).  When Felix was first taken to NICU, Momma could not accompany him, due to her own situation.  Father Arthur was in Florida on business travel, and so the young fighter (as he has come to be known) went it alone for a bit.  Soon, though, his Poppa arrived and has not left his side since; and Momma is also now on the scene.  So- even though not in the ideal place and circumstance, we have the family together (thankful point).

Life is now like the proverbial roller-coaster for Felix and the rest of us.  He is giving as good as he gets against the adversity stacking up before him.  There is a strong lesson for us all as we watch his struggle play out.  Felix is in a crucible that his little mind-- and we pampered souls-- could never have imagined.  He did not ask for any of this.  All he wanted to do was continue sucking his thumb in his mother's womb.

It would be easy to jump on the pity train and start howling about how unfair all this is.  Why would God do this to such a nice family?  Why would He put this little fellow through the roller-coaster that has ensued?  Why is this His Will?

While I may not know the exact right answer to that, I can take a stab at it.  First of all, the concept of free-will is powerfully important to us all.  Do we want a God Who ordains every step we take and Who orchestrates every aspect of our lives?  That would make us automatons, and would render our very existence as meaningless as if there were no God at all.  No... as painful as it is sometimes, the right answer is that we all want for free-will to be true.  That is what makes us... us.  (Thankful point.)

I am so proud of Alycia and of my son, Arthur.  These two amazing people are maintaining fantastically positive attitudes as they face this scary situation.  They trust in Almighty God and they acknowledge their blessings-- and they are becoming amazing parents already!

Felix will have whatever life God allows for him-- and for as many years as He allows.  For now, it has become clear to me that Felix is doing God's will in a way that is amazing and awe-inspiring.  The mighty little guy has reminded all of us of the preciousness and fragility of life... and with that, we must appreciate it all the more.  Felix has touched so many other lives; from his parents, to the medical staff, to his extended family, to all of the friends and well-wishers out there who are following his progress.  Most importantly of all, several people (myself included) have seen their own relationship with God improve thanks to all the prayer time they have invested for Felix.  I now see precious little Felix as a miracle who is helping God send more miracles into each of our lives.

Felix has come so far in one short month (thankful point).  He has a ways to go, but he will not quit... and none of us will quit on him.  Each day that comes brings another happy ending in itself.  Whatever the future holds, Felix's existence has already been plainly demonstrative of God's great glory.

Please notice that I can find several "thankful points" even in these few short paragraphs.  We are so grateful to God and to all of the amazing people who are praying and supporting this young family.

God bless all of you and keep on praying for Felix the Mighty!


“Rejoice always.  Pray without ceasing.  In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”  --1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18



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