Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Bright Side Of War: Caring Is Sharing

One thing is for sure: you definitely have to go out of your way to find stories like this one. In their seething hatred of President Bush, the main stream media refuses to go after the thousands of good stories in this war. Our military people in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing wonders... and they are definitely winning the hearts and minds of the locals. Consider this story: (Hat tip to Little Green Footballs)

- [[Officially, he’s Army Staff Sgt. Dale L. Horn, but to residents of the 37 villages and towns that he patrols he’s known as the American sheik.

Sheiks, or village elders, are known as the real power in rural Iraq. And the 5-foot-6-inch Floridian’s ascension to the esteemed position came through dry humor and the military’s need to clamp down on rocket attacks.

Horn, 25, a native of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., acknowledges he had little interest in the region before coming here. But a local sheik friendly to U.S. forces, Dr. Mohammed Ismail Ahmed, explained the inner workings of rural Iraqi society on one of Horn’s first Humvee patrols.

Horn says he was intrigued, and started making a point of stopping by all the villages, all but one dominated by Sunni Arabs, to talk to people about their life and security problems.

Moreover, he pressed for development projects in the area: he now boasts that he helped funnel $136,000 worth of aid into the area. Part of that paid for delivery of clean water to 30 villages during the broiling summer months.

“They saw that we were interested in them, instead of just taking care of the bases,” Horn said.

Mohammed, Horn’s mentor and known for his dry sense of humor, eventually suggested during a meeting of village leaders that Horn be named a sheik. The sheiks approved by voice vote, Horn said.

Some sheiks later gave him five sheep and a postage stamp of land, fulfilling some of the requirements for sheikdom. Others encouraged him to start looking for a second wife, which Horn’s spouse back in Florida immediately vetoed.]]

-The whole article is worth reading.

(Link to story)


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Their Greatest Fear

Has anyone else noticed how the far left reacts whenever someone mentions putting an issue to a public vote? I mean ANY issue. For a group that claims to be for "the people", they sure don't seem to have much of a desire to let the people have a say. In fact, the far left is actually- visibly- afraid of the will of the people. It is very much like a cross to a vampire. They shrink from it and insist, time after time, that controversial issues be settled in the courts.

Nowhere is this more obvious than with Roe v. Wade. This Supreme Court ruling is the ultimate in judicial legislation, and also the ultimate slap in the face to the voting public. In one fell swoop, the court spat upon the will of millions of voters in several states who had previously made it illegal to murder an unborn child. Somewhere in the Constitution, those judges found something about privacy rights that meant it was okay to kill unborn children with impunity- whenever and wherever you wanted to.

People in America expect that their votes will count and that the majority will rule... you know, representative democracy, and all. The problem for the far left is that whenever the people do vote, it almost always goes against the extreme liberal agenda. Faced with this truth, they have worked for years to ensconce judges at various levels of the court, in order to rule by judicial fiat. Americans are being systematically cheated out of their constitutional rights every time an activist judge decides to "help" us for our own good.

Prior to Roe v. Wade, abortion was a crime in most states- unless there was credible medical evidence that the mother's life was in danger. Those laws were a part of an America where morals and families mattered. An America where words and deeds mattered... and where there were actually consequences for bad behavior. Coming out of the sixties, with all the "counter-culture" and borderline anarchy, America was struggling to remain a good and decent country.

Then, along came the "if it feels good, do it" mentality- and the "rules are for losers" attitude. Abortion, which had once been opposed by women's rights groups, was the new cause d'jour- and the rallying cries for a generation of "revolutionary" minded Americans became "abortion on demand" and "reproductive rights". The biggest one, though, was certainly the "woman's right to choose".

Forget the fact that the abortion minded woman has already lost her right to choose by becoming pregnant when she did not choose to. Remember, there are no longer consequences to such deplorable behavior. Got pregnant and don't want the baby? No problem! Thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, you can just have that annoying baby killed and vaccuumed out of your womb. It is, after all, your constitutionally guaranteed right to do it. What's that? The unborn baby's rights? Um... well, he has none. You see, the Supreme Court- in order to make killing the little people legal- had to rule that the founding fathers of our country did not intend unborn children to have the same rights as real people... you know, the rights to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Time after time, the courts have overruled election results and laws passed by legislatures on a variety of issues- the vast majority of them being moderate to Conservative leaning. For example, Congress and several states have passed laws against the unspeakably evil practice of partial birth abortion. The liberal activist courts' response to this expression of the will of the people? To rule those laws unconstitutional. They seem to ignore the fact that the single greatest aspect to our Constitution is the fact that we live in a representative democracy where the people are in charge.

Our system is in disarray- with the judiciary deciding virtually everything we do and don't do. There is absolutely no doubt that our founding fathers wanted nothing even remotely like that to ever happen. In fact, they are firmly on record against it- and designed the government to assure it would not happen. The separation of powers clause was supposed to ensure that one branch of government did not take over. You know, checks and balances. The problem is that most of our elected representatives are not worth the powder to blow them to hell... and they won't do what needs to be done.

So... if you were to ask a liberal extremist what his or her worst fear is, you might hear "George W. Bush", or "Karl Rove", or even the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy". The truth, though, is that their greatest fear is the voice of the people of the United States of America.

This Is Good News... Right?

...depends on who you ask.

[[ ST. PAUL - The number of abortions in Minnesota dropped to a 30-year low in the first full year after the state passed a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions. ]]

(Link to story)

Let's make no mistakes about it- the pro-abortion gang is NOT happy with news like this. In fact, if you read the whole article, you'll see that they are not even willing to admit that the waiting period is the reason. It's just another attempt by evil Conservatives to take away control of womens' bodies and their right to "choose". Yep...

Is anyone else hearing the hypocrite music playing? These are, in large part, the same people who STRONGLY advocate waiting periods for purchase of guns. I guess in their mind, no one would ever kill an unborn child in the heat of the moment; and, therefore, no such law is needed nor would be effective. Yep...

Maybe, though... just maybe, lots of confused and scared young ladies got a fair chance to realize what they were about to do... and were able to escape from the siren song of abortion. It is remotely possible that these young ladies received accurate information about abortion that helped them realize the truth- that killing your baby is NOT the answer.

Yep... I do believe that just might be it.


As Laura Ingraham Said...

The most amazing thing to me- no matter how many times I see it play out- is the way some of our esteemed "entertainers" wade into the political pool and are actually taken seriously by some people. For some reason- perhaps because they are beautiful and/or talented- these performers feel that they are highly qualified to espouse opinions and wisdom to the masses. Worse, some out here in the "masses" feed these enormous egos by listening to the ignorant bleating and even applauding it. I know, I know... it's crazy, right? Crazy, as in gob-smackingly nutso crazy... right?

These famous people are routinely invited to speak out in left-leaning media outlets- often with "serious correspondents and reporters" interviewing them. Now, why would any "serious correspondent or reporter" (who was, indeed, serious) want to interview a "celebrity" on political/government issues? Seriously... why? How insane has our culture become when we look to rock singers and movie people for political ideas...?

Well, in the spirit of Ms. Ingraham's wise admonishment to the Hollywood crowd ("Shut Up And Sing"), I'd like to give a shout-out to some of the more... colorful poli-tainers.

-michael moore -- corpulent bottom-dweller and virulently anti-American, anti-military, anti-President Bush, opinionated ultra-liberal pundit and Conservative trashing (especially President Bush) film maker. Experience in government, military, politics, leadership: ZERO.

Hey, michael moore: You said that the terrorists operating in Iraq are the same as our revolutionary "Minute Men"- and you said they would win... and you said it with gusto! I've been reading up on American history, mike... and I can't find the part where our Minute Men blew up thousands of innocent civilians (including thirty small children in one attack)... wanna help me with that one? Please shut the hell up.

-Bruce Springsteen, Linda Ronstadt, Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthews, REM, Pearl Jam, et al -- virulently anti-President Bush, opinionated liberal singers and trash-talking, would-be opinion makers. Experience in government, military, politics, leadership: ZERO.

Hey, singers: Is there anything you don't know? I'm awestruck at the depth of your political acumen... no, really! Whether it's the Dixie Chicks being ashamed to be from Texas because of our President, or REM ranting about abortion "rights", or Linda Ronstadt being "sickened" at the thought of any Christians being in her audience... the level of clear thinking is astonishing. My favorite, though, is the "Boss" holding concerts to raise money- not to build or create something of value- but to get "anybody but Bush" elected. Please, all of you, shut the hell up.

-Barbra Streisand, jane fonda, Alec Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange, Cameron Diaz, et al: virulently anti-President Bush, opinionated liberal "actors" and trash-talking, would-be opinion makers. Experience in government, military, politics, leadership: ZERO.

Hey, actors: Why are you still here?? Some of you promised that you would leave if George W. Bush was elected... and he has been... TWICE. Shouldn't you be going now? I mean... just so people will believe that you actually do have convictions and were not just making noise...?

I heard that now jane fonda is going to tour the country in a vegetable-oil powered vehicle. The purpose of the tour? You guessed it... to protest America and the war against terrorism. I wonder how long it will be before she is posing for pictures with the jihad terrorists on the streets of Baghdad? I can almost see her there... holding up an RPG and smiling... telling American troops to give up and go home... ah, how America loves Ms. Fonda.

I remember watching Cameron Diaz on Oprah before the elections last November. She and Drew Barrymore came on to warn American women that if President Bush was reelected, rape would be legalized. I wish I was making that up... but I'm not. She really, actually said that. Umm... Cameron...? How's that whole legal rape thing going? Yeah... well, don't worry... some of us know that what you really meant was that President Bush hates women and doesn't want them to be able to legally murder unborn children...

I realize that Ms. Paltrow has actually moved away from evil America... and I salute her for that. Now, since you're gone and are no longer wanting to be a part of this country, will you please join the rest of the actors and please... please... PLEASE shut the hell up (and kindly tell your moonbat husband to also shut the hell up).

Why is it important that these people shut up? Besides the fact that they often make huge asses of themselves, they also do huge damage to our country. Mindless people believe their ludicrous rantings... and good people are often hurt by them. Shaping public opinion is much easier for the beautiful people who have the media in their pockets.

Also important to remember is that the really dangerous ones are the directors and film MAKERS who are anti-American and rabidly socialistic/communistic in their views. They will go to extreme lengths to push people the way they want them to go. The new TV series "Over There" seeks to give a view of the Iraq war from the soldiers' perspective. The problem is, all the REAL soldiers and Marines who have watched it say that it is the worst and most inaccurate show ever. Then we have English director Sir Ridley Scott’s Crusades flick, Kingdom of Heaven (yes, I realize you may not have heard of it since it BOMBED so badly at the box office). In this movie, muslims are portrayed as peaceful and dedicated to co-existing with everyone else in the world... until the evil Christians show up and ruin everything.

Public opinion used to be shaped by information and charismatic leaders. Now it is shaped by mis-information and charismatic entertainers. When it comes to making decisions on political and governmental issues, sound bites and videos of talented-but-ignorant entertainers are, sadly, more influential to some Americans than facts and honest, intelligent debate.

Legalized rape, indeed...

Please. Shut. The. Hell. Up.


Friday, July 29, 2005

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Entry Level Creed

"We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other."
--John Adams (1735-1826) Founding Father, 2nd US President,
Oct. 11, 1798; Address to the military

Probably the best way to begin is with some sort of statement of beliefs and ideas. From these will stem many discussions and affirmations- so... let's get started. The foundations of our general belief are:

- a) Strong Religious influence in everyday life.

- b) Strong Family values.

- c) Strong American military.

-To further break down the meat of it all into what we (and the VAST majority of Americans) believe:

1) We are largely NOT political animals.

2) We do NOT want abortion on demand- and we believe it is murder. Period.

3) We work for a living.

4) We like being with our families.

5) We believe in God. Strongly.

6) We just want to be left alone to make it as best we can.

7) We do NOT believe that the government needs to support us from cradle to grave.

8) We are tired of illegal immigration. Very tired.

9) We are not ready for our children to face the perversions that hollywood and the liberals try to portray as mainstream.

10) We do not promote dictatorships, we destroy them.

11) We do not silence the opposition's voice.

12) We are patriotic and believe in the American way and we believe that our President should look out for our national security and sovereignty first and let the popularity chips fall where they may with regards to other nations that don't agree with us.

13) We believe in personal accountability and prosperity for each individual based on his/her own efforts regardless of race, sex, religion or heritage.

14) We believe our government should provide security, law enforcement and emergency services; we as Christians will take care of the less fortunate and the needy through our churches and charities.

15) We believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at face value, not the gross misinterpretation of some un-elected, liberal-activist judges pushing the communist agenda.

...--THIS INCLUDES OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. An armed society is a polite society.

16) We believe that some liberals have done away with absolute right and wrong, absolute good and evil in their minds (like with baby killing)... and when you stop believing in evil, that is when it will take over your heart and soul.

17) We're glad we have kind hearted, liberal minded people who provide balance to the world... but we don't think they should have ANY place in making important decisions... because those decisions should be made with the brain and not the heart.

18) Every society has nurturers, builders, warriors, and governors. Thank God for this... now, let's all agree to let the nurturers nurture (and stay out of politics)... let the builders build (and stay the hell out of politics), let the warriors fight (and stay the hell out of politics, which they do, by the way), and then... only then... can we LET THE GOVERNORS GOVERN!!!!!!!

19) Finally, we thank God every day for freedom of thought. We don't want everyone to believe all the same way... like General Patton said, "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking!"


The First Of Many

Well, if this plays out as hoped, then we will have lots of fun and lots of interesting times ahead.

Stay tuned.

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