Friday, November 10, 2017


On this day in 1775... we all know the story of a recruiter going into a bar and talking drunk tough guys into signing up to fight the bloody Brits.  (If you don't know it, look HERE.)

Oh, and although we already have a perfectly awesome motto ("Semper Fidelis"), I will add the below as an auxiliary motto.  It really captures the plain and simple warrior spirit.  I had it on my wall for many years as a reminder and a motivation pill.  Goodnight, Chesty; wherever you are!

 This year, my heart and mind are on all the fallen Devil Dogs; whether in combat, in training, or taken by God in peace.  I pray for their souls and for their families.  I hope to live up to the ideals they fought for and lived.

HERE is a short birthday message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps.  It's good.

HERE is the required reading message from General John Lejeune from 1921.  We owe him so much.

HERE is a very good video featuring the Commandant and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.

And, finally, HERE is a link to a highly motivating video from USMC Vietnam vet and entrepreneur, Bob Parsons (if you don't know about him, PLEASE watch).  It is your chance to do something very good for Veterans (Semper Fi Fund is a very worthy cause).

God bless America and long live the United States Marine Corps!!!


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